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Clean energy and natural resources are essential ingredients
for economic development and community prosperity.
Wabashco develops clean energy and carbon offset projects, and facilitates natural resource management plans and agreements.
Wabashco’s clean energy and carbon work focuses on project development that increases the flow of funds to energy and carbon offset opportunities.

We create value for landowners that host projects, investors that make them happen, and customers seeking high quality and competitive clean energy and carbon offset products.

Wabashco’s natural resource work focuses on facilitation and negotiation of multi-party agreements. We help government, industry, and environmental and civic organizations work through complex and sometimes competing issues in order to identify workable protection strategies.
Wabashco uses geospatial analysis and information technology to illustrate natural resource problems and help find solutions.

Wabashco was formed in 2008. It takes it’s name from the Wabash River watershed where our initial projects began.
Timothy H. Brown is the founder and president of Wabashco LLC, a project development firm for clean energy, carbon offsets, and natural resource planning. He is also the manager of Forest Hill Energy, LLC a wind energy development firm in the Great Lakes region. In 1998 he co-founded the Delta Institute, a nonprofit organization to promote community economic development and improve environmental quality in the Great Lakes region. He ran the environment program at the Delta Institute, which included a range of Great Lakes water quality projects and pollution prevention and toxic reduction work. Prior to starting the Delta Institute, he opened and ran the Midwest office of Clean Sites, a national nonprofit environmental organization focused on hazardous waste clean up and environmental facilitation and mediation. He has held positions at ICF Kaiser Engineers, Communicore, and the Center for the Great Lakes.
Sam Schiller is an Associate at Wabashco, LLC. He identifies, evaluates, and designs clean energy and carbon reduction projects. He uses a variety of mapping and data software to assess the viability of wind energy, coal mine methane, and natural resource projects. He also works with landowners, contractors, and government officials to ensure projects are sited responsibly and meet all relevant permitting and regulatory requirements. Sam is a founding co-chair of the Delta Emerging Leaders Board, which empowers young professionals to advance a sustainable Great Lakes economy. He was awarded a Morris K. Udall Congressional Scholarship and a Startingbloc Fellowship for his work in environmental policy and social enterprise development.
As a developer of clean energy projects, Wabashco helps power buyers meet clean energy, carbon neutrality, and sustainability goals, while creating value to landowners that host our projects.

Wabashco identifies clean energy opportunities, conducts due diligence and fatal flaw analyses, finds financing, and brings together all sides of a deal.
Wabashco believes that carbon reduction
ultimately needs to occur at the source:

Power plants, manufacturing facilities, cars and trucks, and at home. Innovation will help make this transition possible.
But until then, high quality carbon offsets that are additional to business as usual are an important and efficient component of effective carbon reduction strategies.
Wabashco finds and develops new, additional, and high quality carbon offset projects.
Wabashco helps natural resource managers address complex issues.
We facilitate multi-party dialogues and negotiate agreements on natural resource planning and policy making.

Wabashco provides geospatial and data analysis to illustrate data and information that helps to bring people together to resolve natural resource challenges.
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